We are a local property management & real estate company that provides a full complement of services to individuals and Associations.  Angel Property Management & Real Estate was born out of  the conviction that your property is an important asset, but your true investments are the things that add joy to your life.Whether it is time spent with family and friends, traveling the world, or working on your golf swing, focusing on your real investments is what brings in the best returns. Angel is a company that takes care phenomenal care of your assets, so you can spend more time with your investments.

At Angel, we believe it is possible to be the best and still provide competitive, fair pricing. We differentiate ourselves by our unmatched customer service, our financial accuracy, and our unwavering diligence. Our team will always work tirelessly to accomplish these goal to the satisfaction of our clients.  We are confident that there isn’t another company that will work harder, or care more about you, your tenant, and most importantly your property than Angel.  Simply put, we are the best at what we do.


Angel Property Management & Real Estate specializes in residential property management and our management team has over 20 years managing residential real estate in Broward County.  We’ve lived, worked, and played here for almost 30 years, so we know the market and what it takes to get results.


We pride ourselves on always being available and quick to respond to property owners and tenants. You probably got a call from us within a few minutes of requesting information from us…we think that says something!

We’re nuts about technology, and use it to benefit YOU.  Whether it’s email, text messaging, fax, phone, regular mail, or a friendly office visit, we are always available to our clients.  We can even be contacted via Skype if you are out of the country!  Sorry, but we don’t do Morris code or smoke signals.

Superior Service

We think that our business is the perfect size to meet all of your needs.  We’re not a “mom-and-pop”, unable to handle more than a couple of issues at once, nor are we a big corporation that doesn’t have a clue what’s actually happening with your property. Our unique size allows us to respond immediately with property managers that are actually managing your property, know the tenants, and will make the best decisions on your behalf. To quote, the great literary character Goldilocks, “We are juuuust right”.


Don’t wait until the end of the month to see what’s going on with your property.  See what’s happening with your property  in real-time, online, 24/7.  Owners can login to see what tasks have been performed, what income they have received, what expenses they have incurred, pictures of the current condition of the property, and more. We keep you in the loop!